Minneapolis, MN Metro Area Slab Leaks

The Plumbing Guys provides professional slab leak repairs and services to the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN Twin Cities metro area. As you already know if you see water spots on the wall or ceiling, you know there could be a leak. If you notice wet spots on the floor, you may have a slab leak. These are much more difficult to fix and you should call The Plumbing Guys as quickly as possible.

If your pipes start to leak behind concrete walls or beneath floors, you will have a slab leak on your hands. This can cause mold or even worse problems which can add up.

Causes of Slab Leaks

If you have older pipes or fittings, they could weaken causing leaks and more. Temperature, hard water or high water pressure can cause damage to your pipes. A professional plumber should come out to inspect your pipes every year to ensure they are in proper working order. They can replace those pipes that are at risk to prevent slab leaks from occurring.

Balcony Slab Leaks

Balconies are one of the most susceptible areas for slab leaks. Cracks can form allowing water to travel through them and into the balcony. This can cause the balcony to crumble or for even create more leaks.

If you notice any cracks or leaks on your balcony, call us immediately. It is too risky to try to repair yourself. You may even need a contractor to come out and reinforce the balcony.

With hundreds of satisfied customers around the Twin Cities, we know you’ll be satisfied with our friendly, professional service.

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