Sewer & Drain Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Roots Get into the Lines?

Sewer lines are generally installed underground, which means trees may be nearby. Roots generally stay in and around their own area, but it is possible the sewer line was installed fairly close to a tree or bush. If water is scare, the roots will seek it out, which means it may find its way into your sewer line. Because your sewer line is probably installed under your lawn, it is surrounded by soil. This is why annual maintenance is important to prevent roots from getting into the pipes.

How Do I Know if My Sewer Line is Clogged?

Slow drainage is a good indication of a clog or another problem. There may also be a smell if the clog is severe enough. If you experience either of these, call The Plumbing Guys right away.

Whose Responsibility is the Sewer Line?

Sewer lines are generally the homeowner’s responsibility as they are on your property. If the problem persists and it affects the main sewer line, then the city would need to be involved. If you are unsure, call The Plumbing Guys, we can find out what is your responsibility.

What Can I NOT Put Down the Drain?

If you are allowed to flush a product, it will say it on the label. Other than that you should not flush anything down the toilet. Though paper towels and napkins are made of a similar product as toilet paper, they are not the same consistency and are not designed to be flushed; they are designed to be thrown away for a reason. If you flush something that is not flushable, water will not be able to filter through it and it will cause a clog.

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