Minneapolis, MN Metro Area Drain Cleaning

The Plumbing Guys understand the important of a clean drain in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN Twin Cities metro area. Our professional drain cleaning service is the best way to ensure your drain is functioning properly.

We carry an abundance of parts and tools from many manufacturers to make sure we can fix your plumbing issue in one visit. Having the right tools and parts for the job ensures the problem can be fixed quickly and properly with minimal inconvenience to you.

Causes of Clogged Drains

Drains are very hard-working parts of your home or office. Sometimes a clog is unavoidable.

Toilet drains can clog from excess toilet paper or if someone flushes a paper towel or another item that isn’t meant to be put down the toilet. Bath tubs can clog as well due to soap scum, hair, and more. Over-the-counter chemicals can fix that, but only temporarily. You should call in a professional if the problem persists.

Garbage disposals clog often due to the amount of work they are put through and the size of food particles or grease that can wind up down the drain. There are many reasons why clogs occur, but if they do, know that we’re just a phone call away.

Our track record speaks for itself. With hundreds of satisfied customers around the Twin Cities, we know you’ll be satisfied with our friendly, professional service. Our fast, one-stop fixes mean you don’t have to cancel that dinner you were planning on hosting, or pass up tickets to the big game this weekend.

We offer 24 /7 emergency service, call us today for sewer and drainage services at 651-393-6464.